Cracker Pose
Voiced by WebzForevz
Some attributes
First Friends: Muffin, Broomer, Mango
Second Enemies: Click, English Muffin
Third Species: Cracker
Other attributes
Fourth Episode eliminated: Reunion of the Decade (Returned in We Ran Out of Puns)
Fifth Rank: 1st

Cracker is a contestant on Excellent Entities, he is the winner of season 1.

What is Cracker?Edit

A cracker/grain with holes.

About CrackerEdit

In episode 1, Cracker lost against Broomer in the 1st challenge, "Don't lose your lunch", to become the team captain. In episode 7, Cracker complained to Muffin about him having no arms and Muffin had a duplicator to solve that problem. He said now he can do whatever he wanted. In the Obstacle challenge, he completed the 1st 2 obstacles, but, unfortunately, failed in the rock climbing obstacle. In the end of episode 7, Cracker punched himself with one of his and he thought it must be a malfunction and then he gulped with fright.  

Trivia Edit

  • As stated in WebzForevz Excellent Entities Secrets video, he and muffin were originally going to be dating, but the idea was dropped.  
  • He is current winner of Excellent Entities.  
  • He was the only contestant to possess arms.