English Muffin
English Muffin Pose
Voiced By Phoebebebe
Some attributes
First Friends: click
Second Enemies: Everyone
Third Species: English Muffin
Other attributes
Fourth Episode Eliminated: voice cracked
Fifth Rank: 8th [6 votes]

Who is English MuffinEdit

English Muffin said to be The Rage Artist is the main antagonist on Excellent Entities. Who also has a British accent

About English MuffinEdit

English Muffin is a big enemy to everyone on the show.

In episode 1 he lost the challenge in round 2 and didnt become a team captain

Episode 2 he was picked last then called everyone imbciles . Then asked Broomer if he could have his bubble wand but couldn't have it . But he soon stole it when he floated away but his team ended up for elimination.

In episode 4 he forced Chalky to stuff pizza  inside him so he wont go home. his team wouldve won because of that but he accidently barfed up some pizza and his team lost


  • He is the only contestant to have a accent
  • He's actually, ironically, the ONLY antagonist on Excellent Entities S1.
  • It say's in Excellent Entities secret's English Muffin was going to date Muffin.
  • English Muffin is the lowest ranked member of Season 1 who did not join Season 2.
  • English Muffin was the lowest voice of Paul William Dobson like Naraku and Michael Hall Daingerfield & David Hope Kaye like Sesshomaru from Inu Yasha!
  • he is one of two contestants to be armless the other is Cracker
  • however Cracker gained arms in episode 7,making him only armless on S1