Gender Female
Eye color Black
Eliminated Episode 5 - Roasted Chocolate
Place 13th
Relationship Broomer
Family Pillow
Friends Tub of Lard, Diary, Broomer
Enemies Poison, SharkBearBerry (as of episode 4)
Voiced by deedo886 (Episode 1 - 6)

InterstellerLizard (as of Episode 10)


Feather, known as The Mean And Annoying is a contestant on Extraordinarily Excellent Entities, and was apart of the team Heathers.

Personality Edit

Feather is a stereotypical white girl, and is a snobby and rude contestant. She doesn't seem to care about the lives of the other contestants, as shown in episode 3 in which she abandons Diary and Gumball Machine, leaving them to die simply to win the challenge. Her name coincidentally rhymes with "Heather", the TD character she was based off of.

Coverage Edit

Episode 1 - She was not found in the beginning scene like most characters, but she did talk to TOL in the second second scene after the intro. She talked to TOL, calling all of the guys total losers. Then, she talked to Diary and was killed by falling Grahamlins, credits going to Clay. Later she was found by Poison, it seemed that they hate each other for being almost complete opposites, and even though she died earlier she won team captain by basically coming back from the dead.

Trivia Edit

  • Feather was not based off of anyone imperticular like Headset, Poison, and Gumball Machine, but she was loosely based off of most of the girls in the creators school
  • Her color was switched around several times from blue, rainbow, and finally settling on pink.
    • Feather was shown to have a beard in episode 2 of E.E.E. Feather was an fereotypically a white female like Sango from InuYasha
      • Feather was confirmed to be polysexual according to Chalky, but in actuality she is a lesbian. (Interested in Gumball Machine)