eee is a horrible Vandalized by Cormac The Irish King


  • He was one of three main cast members to be based off of someone from the two creators real life
  • He was voiced by Asaph Niggerson
  • He is the only AWEOT to be eliminated
    • He was based off of a COD player Mango and Webz knew who's funny and quite the rager
    • Gumball Machine was based off of one of the two creators best friend, who empasized with everyone and was extremely nice
    • Poison was based off of Webz and Mango's friend who was kind of dark and mysterious, but still a strong girl
  • His catch phrase is "MLG Pro" and he uses it quite often in reference to other COD players who use the same phrase.
  • In Season 2 Episode 2, he was revealed to be a nigger, and in episode 5, he is shown to be very sensitive.
  • It has been confirmed by WebzForevz he is transgender.
  • He's the first armless contestant to be eliminated revealed in EEE 8.

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