Mango is a reccomended character on Excellent Entities and a contestant in both seasons. He was placed on Team Time Traveling Baby Orphans in Extraordinarily Excellent Entities.

Mango Vector
Some attributes
First Friends: Muffin (possibly), SharkBearBerry (one-sided, his side)
Second Enemies: Everyone else
Third Species: Mango
Other attributes
Fourth Episode Eliminated: (S1) We Ran Out of Puns, (S2) In Space No One Can Hear You Ice Cream (57 votes)
Fifth Rank: (S1) 2nd, (S2) 15th


Episode 6 Part 1:In episode 6, Mango was the last audition and Chocolate Bar said he was perfect but he had to fight with unicorn horn to get a spot on the show. He auditioned and said, 'I'm smart, not to weak not to strong, and, my name isn't to long' which is referencing the fact that a cut out part of the script was going to say Unicorn Horn's name was too long.

Episode 6 Part 2: On episode 6 part 2, 'Coconut Chaos', Mango gets a lead on Unicorn Horn, and updates this on Object Book. He then gets surpassed by Unicorn Horn, when U.H starts to use his propellar. But, Mango uncovered that he had a sidekick type thing, named Forky, which carried him to the finish line. Personality: Mango's personality is a mean but somewhat friendly character, although, because of this he is extremely bland.
Episode 7: Mango was


  • According to Chocolate Bar, he was perfect for the show.
    • This is one of the reasons he is in season 2.
  • He is somewhat similar to Fan from Inanimate Insanity and Peter Griffin from Family Guy.
  • Screen hog
  • Not one set personality switches with the episode
  • He has a "lack of personality", according to Chocolate Bar in EEE 3, one reason he got eliminated.
  • His voice actor was fired.
  • He currently has the most votes in all of EE so far, at 57 easily beating Click's 51 votes
  • .He is a HUGE fan of Chiperzz
  • He loves Gem and Berry ice cream
  • He Was a fan favorite until he got eliminated on E.E.E first...
  • He was the only season 1 contestant to be eliminated in season 2.

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