Team Super Snakes Magic Sword
Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 12.22.01 PM
Gender Female
Eliminated Episode 4 - EEE = mc^2
Place 14th
Friends Gumball Machine, Mango, Feather Latte
Enemies Broomer
Voiced by TacoTurtleAnimations
Poison is a contestant on season 2 of Excellent Entites.

Coverage Edit

Episode 1 - In Return From The Calmart Dollar Bin, Poison is seen playing cards with Mango and SharkBearBerry, after Chocolate Bar comes into the homeless shelter, Poison turns the hostress lady into dust with her ray gun. After chocolate bar says that she, Mango, and SharkBearBerry are joining season 2 she tries to turn Mango into dust, but Mango was wearing ray gun proof diapers which Broomer told him was french and was called dia-pe-rs. When Poison was doing the challenge she makes Gumball Machine lose when she tells her that a grahmlin was abandoned by it's parents. She was one of the three survivors with Feather, and Moonstone. She picked Mango, Clay, Latte, and Chalky onto her team but instead of Chalky, she was stuck with Nail on her team. After New Muffin cracked her with a bat on her face for throwing her earlier, she named her team Team Time Traveling Baby Orphans.
Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 12.22.01 PM


  • In one of Latte's fanfictions, she was in a relationship with Gumball Machine. Whether this is indeed canon or not is unknown.
  • She was the first team captain eliminated, also the first female newbie eliminated.
  • She was one of three main cast members to be based off of someone from the two creator's real life.
    • Headset was based off of a COD player Mango and Webz knew who's funny and quite the rager
    • Gumball Machine was based off of one of the two creators best friend, who empasized with everyone and was extremely nice
    • Poison was based off of Webz and Mango's friend who was kind of dark and mysterious, but still a strong male! Poison is still the stronger girl like Ayame from InuYasha!

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