Gender Male
Eye color Black
Eliminated Planetary Prospect
Place 9th
Relationship Team Heathers
Family Shark dad Bear Mom Berry Brother
Friends Nail, Latte Broomer
Enemies Mango, Feather (as of episode 4)
Nicknames Shar.. Sharpa... Sharpabar (Broomer)
Voiced by BFDIBoyersFTW

SharkBearBerry is an organized, proper character in Extraordinarily Excellent Entities. He likes when things make sense, and dislikes random or crazy things such as Mango, the reason he will soon dislike that character.

Coverage Edit

Episode 1 - SharkBearBerry was the 1st newbie introduced in Extraordinarily Excellent Entities, seen in a Homeless Shelter and was met playing a card game with Mango and Poison which quickly heads in the wrong direction. He complains that they cheat and their game ends with the old lady being shot by Poison. He then questions if he really is on the show (which he obviously is). Next, he is seen near the beginning of the challenge asking how the 3 teams will be formed. After this he is with Chocolate Bar and Smartie, apparently mocking Nail. After this, he is seen with Nail wondering if he had just seen a Grahamlin and goes up to the Grahamlin to ask and then gets eaten. He is then revived on the team "Heathers".

Episode 2- At the beginning of the episode in which Broomer and Feather pull a prank on Gumball Machine, he tells them that what they did was mean. Broomer


forgets who he is, (even though he's on the same team as him), and Broomer tells Feather that "the Grahamlins are talking again", so she burns him to death. Once recovered, SharkBearBerry excitedly claims that "he just found out the secret to life". He is the last person alive on his team (he claims he'll be safe at the "Blender Bearcage Lethal Shark Water Emporium" and is crushed shortly after), and is given immunity for this.

Trivia Edit

  • SharkBearBerry was originally going to be a Girl but the V.A had trouble with this and was changed to a Boy Relationship for Feather. 
  • SharkBearBerry is made up of a shark's fin, a bear's head, and body of a berry.
  • He was the 1st contestant introduced to E.E.E in the Homeless Center which was mistaken for a Daycare in the Intro.
  • SharkBearBerry is from England, as revealed in Episode 4. Sounds llike Inuyasha from InuYasha!
  • SharkBearBerry was in a CARTOON!
  • SharkBearBerry zooms in and changes the scene like a cartoon!