Are We Even on the Show
Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.52.11 AM
Gender Male
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Gumball Machine, Broomer, Moonstone
Enemies Tub of Lard
Voiced by Brannon Cool

 Smartie is the opposite of what his name proposes. He is a dimwitted imbecile that has no idea what's going on.


Return from the Calmart Dollar BinEdit

Since Chocolate Bar's durr's are rusty, it makes Smartie think the challenge is a singing competition. When Latte says "Mainstream" Smartie thinks it's a stream of water and goes down the stream, later dying. Smartie is chosen onto Team Are We Even on the Show.


  • Despite his low intelligence he was the only contestant to survive in EEE 2.
  • Smartie's first appearance was on last season's finale as a camera man.
  • In EEE 4 and onwards, he starts to become more and more intelligent, in response to Moonstone judging him on following the craze of random characters (Rocky, Taco ETC)
  • When Moonstone tried to read his mind, she exploded. This is because of being so dumb back then.

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